For better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

- us

Chronic inflammatory demyleniating polyneuropathy

- the neurologists

We were not prepared for illness. 

In the United States, healthcare spending grew to $3.8 billion or approximately $11,502 per person in 2019. My family's healthcare coverage easily toppled ten times that amount that same year. We prepared for education. A career. We were actively contributing towards retirement. Illness? The one lack rarely experienced was access to affordable healthcare coverage.


Ever had to request a quote on the costs of an at-home nurse? 

The monthly charge for Ensure or Glucerna nutritional supplements?

How about the cascading effect of a much needed prescription medication being denied pre-approval by insurance? 

Being under the umbrella of enterprise-level organization, we were comfortable with our deductibles and hearty flexible spending accounts. We were fairly confident we were doing enough. There was time to prepare for illness during our senior years. That is, until there was no time.

Because women are the more likely caregivers, we share with you the how-tos that are too often unknown, until...  



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