Good Girl Online is a creative agency set in the office bedroom of a content creator and storyteller focused on proving she's as hilariously badass as she thinks by writing and pitching content. Adept at finding comedy in the uncomfortable and nuance in the serious, Good Girl also writes compelling marketing promos and creates narrative series that gives agency to the voices of overlooked stories.

As a written blerd storyteller, Good Girl films and edits just enough to transform ideas into a visual medium to share, like and critique. 

Half-hour pilots

Short form stories & promos

Short Docu Series

Social media marketing

Silhouette of woman and dog running toge

Being Free to Lose

Confessions of a Good Girl - 4 minute read

Two Women in Underwear

Leaky Bladders & Larry David's Return 

Parts Wear Out - 2 minute read

in sickness

GGOnline Personal Series



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